My One & Only Resolution for 2021

Let’s face it – this is not going to be a normal year. Hot on the heels of 2020, this new year is only days old and yet it’s already started off on entirely the wrong foot for all of us, particularly our friends in America.

Describing how I feel about this new year is really difficult. In the past, I’ve always felt a sense of hope at the start of January because, to me, a brand new year means a fresh, clean slate. It always felt as if every hiccup and error I made the previous year was magically struck off my record and I could begin again fresh on January 1st. That’s not the way I feel this January. That’s not the way any of us are feeling this month, is it?

Despite how unsure I’m feeling about 2021, there is still a personal target that I’d like to keep top of mind this year. Something that I know I’m going to have to work at constantly for the next 300+ days and something that I’m going to have to remind myself of every single morning when I wake up, and it’s this:

In 2021, no matter how dire the circumstances and no matter how bad my previous day was, I’d like to face each new day with a positive mindset and a hopeful outlook.

That’s it. That’s literally all I have in terms of resolutions/goals/targets for 2021. And it’s enough, my friends. I’m sure there will be days when I think it’s more than enough and more I could possibly ever handle, but I’ve committed to it and I will hold myself accountable. Writing it down here and having you all read this is Step 1 in holding myself accountable, right? Because if you see me tweeting negative remarks on Twitter, you can jump in and say “Vanessa, what happened to your positive mindset??” and if you hear me complaining about something trivial and mundane, you can remind me that I’m supposed to be working against negativity in 2021.

And I want you to do that, folks. I want you to remind me of it and call me out when I’m being cynical and adverse and particularly nasty. If there’s one thing that was made stunningly clear to us all in 2020, it’s that all of us are human and, therefore, none of us are perfect.

Guys, we fuck up all the time and that’s okay. Let’s just try to be kinder to ourselves and others this year, okay? Let’s all try to wake up each morning with a positive outlook and a great big smile on our faces. Let’s just TRY.

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