2020 Recap: Top 7 Posts I’m Most Proud Of

Originally, this list was only supposed to be a Top 5, but it turns out that there were quite a few posts I’m proud to have written in 2020. Looking back on the previous year’s blog activity, I’m proud of myself for not only posting consistently, but also for the way I wrote.

I feel as if this space got a lot more personal in 2020 and that’s a good thing because candidly sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings with all of you has really helped me in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible. And I’d like to thank you for coming on this journey of growth with me – it’s been an absolute pleasure and I’m so glad you’re here.

Here are the Top 7 blog posts from 2020 that I’m most proud of (in chronological order of date posted):

  1. How I Fell In Love with Silent Film (Feb 5)
  2. Why I Watch Classic Films (Apr 22)
  3. 1 Month Later: How I Really Feel About Moving Back In with My Parents (Jun 11)
  4. 4 Amazing Things About Blind Buys (Aug 10)
  5. How Chronic Migraine Has Affected My Speech (Aug 19)
  6. Saying “Yes! and Where It Got Me (Nov 10)
  7. How Much Have You Changed In 10 Years? (Nov 27)

There’s definitely something for everyone in this list. It’s a great mix of lifestyle and film content, for sure, with a little bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure. I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I did writing them!

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