20 Reasons Why 2020 Didn’t Completely Suck

This year, guys. THIS YEAR. I know you feel me. Twenty-twenty was brutal and absolutely ruthless for a lot of us, but for me at least, there was a tiny bit of a silver lining hiding out in those grey, stormy clouds.

This was the year that nearly everything fell apart – the planet, society, healthcare, American politics, and the British royal family even. Still, despite all this turmoil, there were some things that made me happy. Here’s my list of 20 reasons why 2020 didn’t completely suck:

1) I sold the condo (if you’ve been ’round these parts for a while, you’ll know what an absolute debacle this whole process was).

2) I made a lot of amazing friends through YouTube & the online film collecting community.

3) I spent the majority of 2020 living with my parents in the suburbs, rather than by myself in a concrete tower in the middle of the city.

4) I discovered the wacky world of boutique label blu-rays (and nearly went broke because of it. Kidding. Maybe).

5) I watched a lot of great, new-to-me movies.

6) I (finally) came out of my shell thanks to the help of a life coach and my life is a hundred times better than it ever was.

7) I found a new creative outlet to sink my teeth into (YouTube).

8) I took on a lot more responsibility at work and I love my new role.

9) I started actively volunteering and supporting charitable organizations.

10) I became a proud PBS supporter.

11) I became a member of the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery

12) I started seeing a life coach and she turned my life around.

13) I took a giant leap and started reading chick-lit and romance books. Trust me when I say that I never thought I’d ever be into these two book genres but I am and I’m proud to say it.

14) My family and I watched The General (1926) together and they freaking LOVED it (what’s not to love about Buster Keaton?). My parents, sister, bro-in-law, nephews and I watched it together one night on TCM and we had a blast. It’s the first silent film they’d ever watched from beginning to end.

15) I found my new favourite film noir – The Big Heat (1953)

16) I realized just how important spending time with my family is.

17) Thanksgiving can still be great, even if there are just 3 of us sat ’round the table.

18) Canada pulled itself together and remained strong in the face of a pandemic. I’m really proud of the way my country handled everything this year, truly, and it’s reinforced my love for Canada tenfold.

19) I found my new favourite war movie – 1917 (2019).

20) I spoke … and people actually listened.

2 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why 2020 Didn’t Completely Suck

  1. 🥳🥳🥳 Man this list makes me smile my head off!
    So so happy that the sun is bursting through for you. Much deserved and my god I’m still so stoked that that condo is no longer hanging around your neck! Huge relief!
    So proud of you for wriggling out of that shell and allowing the world to see how fricken fantastic you are 🌟 and dude…. you got me with number 20 🥺💗 Always here xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I think back on everything I went through with that condo, I honestly can’t believe I’m finally rid of it haha! What a journey, eh? I adore you, Lee. Truly. I’m always here for you, too xo


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