A Special Message For You

I wanted to jump on here quickly and take a moment to write you all a special message. I wanted to thank you all for the incredible support and encouragement you’ve given me this year. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this motivated to blog or write in my life, and that’s something you’ve given me this year.

A lot of you have left me wonderful comments throughout the year on each of my posts. Many of you have shared my content on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when you really didn’t have to and I appreciate that. A few of you have even reached out to me privately, wanting to check in to see how I was doing or wanting to talk about something I had mentioned in a blog post. So, thank you.

I ended up finding a new home on the internet this year (YouTube) and it’s been such an awesome adventure. Thank you for watching the videos I’ve guested on and thank you for encouraging me to continue filming them! Sitting in front of a camera and pressing record doesn’t seem as daunting or frightening as it once did and that’s because you’ve all made me feel so comfortable and welcome.

Let’s continue supporting each other and lifting each other up in the new year. I’m sending you my very best wishes this holiday season and I hope you’re all well, keeping safe and keeping warm xo

2 thoughts on “A Special Message For You

  1. Thank YOU for your engagement on ALL the things and on ALL the platforms this year lovely lady 💗
    Always a treat to hear your thoughts on film, books, life and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. 😉
    I have especially loved reading your posts this year and thank you for opening up and sharing more of yourself with us. Also fab to see you surfing the YT channels too 🥳
    Cannot wait to see what you have in store for the year ahead. Merry Christmas to you and yours and here’s to a fab 2021 😘 xox

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    1. Thank YOU for being just generally amazing and always making me smile and laugh and hiccup with your zany witticisms on YouTube and Twitter. I appreciate you and your work so much, Lee! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, lovely xo Best wishes for 2021.


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