YouTube: Inside My Movie Collection w/ Rob from The Movie Vault

This past weekend I sat down with my good friend Rob from The Movie Vault to talk physical media collections (films, music, books). Though our personal collections vary greatly in size and scope, that doesn’t mean one of us loves film or music or books any less than the other does.

In fact, one of the things we talk about in this video is how I’m a minimalist and he’s a maximalist when it comes to collecting physical media. Our passion for music and film is very real and very palpable, but Rob and I have two very different ways of collecting.

No two collections are the same and that’s what’s truly great about the online film collecting community. We’re all different and that’s a GOOD THING. Personally, I love getting a peek inside other peoples’ collections and this was the best opportunity to do just that with Rob.

If you enjoy the video, please do consider subscribing to The Movie Vault. Rob produces wicked videos and his recaps, lists, reviews and hauls are some of the ones I most look forward to seeing every week. Thanks for checking out the video and Rob’s channel!

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