What It Feels Like to Come Out of Lockdown

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Lockdown in Toronto officially lifted in late-July and I swear we all breathed a collective sigh of relief. Relief because we finally seemed to have successfully bypassed and defeated the abject panic and unpredictability that came along with the first pandemic in over a hundred years. We’ve been lucky in Canada and we seemed to have handled everything safely and efficiently. Not wanting to jinx us, I’m going to shut up about it starting … now.

Coming out of lockdown was akin to bright shafts of sunlight piercing the darkness after an incredibly long, fraught night of terrors. I finally felt human again, instead of some sort of overworked, overburdened caged animal. The door was thrown wide open and we were all allowed to roam free again (wearing masks, of course). We gained the ability to come and go as we pleased, not having to wonder if our trips outside of the home were deemed essential or not.

I could do my weekly grocery shop without having to line-up outside the store. I could pickup library books that I’d put on hold months ago before anyone had even heard of Covid-19. I could order stuff online and not have to wait a month for everything to arrive in the post. I could gather (carefully and responsibly) with family members again and celebrate all the milestones we’d missed during quarantine.

That last one was the thing I was most looking forward to! Finally getting to see my family again and actually speaking to them face-to-face rather than through a mobile screen. Getting close enough to them to feel their breath on my skin, but sadly not close enough to hug them. Still, it felt like heaven just being in the same space with them for more than just a few hurried minutes.

I’m not saying I’m entirely comfortable with fully immersing myself in public again, but little steps, right? I won’t be going to the cinema and I won’t be travelling any time soon. I still haven’t visited my local bookstore and I probably won’t until maybe next month or the end of August if I’m feeling confident enough. I’ve never been a very social person so definitely no bars, patios or restaurants for me.

What has it felt like for you coming out of lockdown? Or maybe you’re still in lockdown? If you are, what are you most looking forward to once restrictions lift?

One thought on “What It Feels Like to Come Out of Lockdown

  1. The lockdown here in England is easing quite a bit. Shops, pubs, cinema’s etc are open…with social distancing measures.
    Though in Manchester where I live there has been a bit of a spike in Covid cases lately, so certain restrictions have been brought back.
    It’s been a bit strange over the past four months. I’ve been on furlough from work. I’m a technician/ projectionist in an arthouse cinema, but we’ve been closed since March. Hopefully opening again in early September.
    But spending time out and about in pubs, nightclubs etc…those days are mainly over!
    And I’ve always ordered most of my stuff,
    (movies, books etc) online, so I’ve never missed the shops too much! But they are open,and it’s nice to have a browse, and maybe pick something up instore.
    And actually got too see my family up north a couple of weeks ago. Which was impossible in April/ May…
    But I’m glad you have connected with your family again. It’s important!

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