Re-cap: February 2020

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Quite frankly, not a lot happened in February. The very-much-dreaded Valentine’s Day came and went quickly (thank goodness) and I spent the majority of the month wondering why on earth we weren’t getting any snow (I live in Canada and this has been a very dry winter with hardly any significant snowfall which is definitely NOT the norm).

Here’s a short list of February stand-outs:

Sex Education

Admittedly, I was late to the Sex Education party and showed up after Season 2 had been added to Netflix. I came for Gillian Anderson and stayed for, well, the entire cast actually. This show is absolutely brilliant (if a little graphic – but hilariously so), so if you’re in the mood for a laugh-out-loud coming of age tale about teenagers and sex, give this show a try. Just don’t watch it with kids in the room.

Pixie Cut

Yup, my pixie cut is back! I spent the last year growing out my hair because a couple of my coworkers had said they wanted to see what I looked like with long hair. Once my hair had grown past my shoulders, I thought right that’s enough and booked an appointment with my hair stylist. In mid-February I had my long(ish) locks chopped off and I feel much more like myself again! Cue the references to the late great Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan and I’m a happy little pixie muffin.

Photo by Ugur Akdemir on Unsplash

Physical book-buying pandemonium

Before February, I really hadn’t purchased any physical fiction books in a very long time. The only physical books I’d been buying were my beloved classic film nonfiction bios and coffee table books. Fiction had been relegated exclusively to my Kindle or I would just borrow whatever fiction I was interested in reading from the library. I don’t know what happened in February, but I suddenly went berserk and started ordering, like, 10 books at a time from my local bookstore (not Amazon, thankyouverymuch). My fiction bookshelves are now full to bursting and I’ve just ordered some more earlier this morning, like, 20 minutes before I sat down to write this blog post.

BookTube videos

Speaking of fiction and ordering enough physical books to kill me if they ever toppled over onto my chest, I also started watching booktube videos again in February. Up until last year, I was subscribed to tonnes of booktubers and watched their videos daily. I stopped watching when I stopped purchasing physical fiction books. Now that I’m back to ordering books books and more books, I’ve re-subscribed to some of my favourite booktube channels and have started watching their uploads regularly again.

So see? Not much happened this month aside from me discovering a new favourite show and slipping off the minimalism bandwagon (this time for good?). My wallet is crying right now but my bookshelves are full so there’s that. What did you get up to this month?

4 thoughts on “Re-cap: February 2020

  1. February has not been a great blogging month for me. I’ve only found time to post on rare occasions and to read and comment on other peoples blogs even less…both of which I really miss. Living here in New Zealand we are in late summer and I’ve been busy with the garden, picking, processing and preserving fruit and veg so we won’t go hungry in winter. Plus I’ve been busy hosting travellers as an Airbnb host which has sucked up a lot of my will to create. Things should start to slow down in March so I’ll be back at my writing desk soon.

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    1. Trust me, I know what that feels like (not being able to post as much as you’d like to). You sound super-busy so it’s no wonder you haven’t had much time to devote to blogging but that’s okay. Your blog will still be there when you’re good and ready to write! To be honest, I’ve been struggling to write recently too. By the time I get home from my full-time job, I’m way too tired to even think about writing. I’d like to see that change this year, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it if it doesn’t. Thanks for reading and commenting, lovely xo

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