My Summer Bucket List

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Dude, I thought summer would never arrive here in Toronto. Winter/Spring has been never-ending and no matter how much I say I love the rain, I’m just about done with it now. Sun, please! Pronto! Here’s everything I’ve added to my Summer bucket list – and I promise to get started ticking things off it as soon as Mother Nature gets her act together and stops PMSing …

Take my nephews to Casa Loma // I was supposed to do this in 2017. And then again in 2018. Now it’s 2019 and I refuse to put this off a moment longer! I want to make sure my nephews experience Casa Loma for the very first time with me, their cool Auntie Nessa, before they end up going there on a frenzied school trip. Casa Loma has been my absolute favourite Toronto landmark since I was a child and it’s been a while since I was last there. A visit is definitely long overdue.

Take my nephews to the bookstore at least once a month from June to September // I’ve already taken them once in June and we’re planning another outing to Chapters/Indigo during the second weekend of July. So hurray for staying on-plan! A trip to the bookstore with Auntie Nessa includes killer tunes on the car stereo (at full volume, of course), dancing in our seats, looking for expensive cars on the road (inevitably being driven by old men), establishing a budget as we park the car, and then uninhibited browsing and smiling until our arms are full with STUFF.

Take a short solo trip to Ontario cottage country // I haven’t been back to Muskoka since I was a child and this is something that I’ve had percolating in my mind for the past few summers. I really wanna take a solo trip to some far-off cabin in the woods bringing nothing with me but a box of Cheerios and books.

Book a day off work just for browsing my local libraries // Success! I’ve done this and plan to have a few days off in August for endless, uninterrupted library browsing. All together, I’ll have five blissful days off work in a row and aside from countless library visits, I’m also making plans to go shopping with Mom, and maybe this is when I’ll take my nephews to Casa Loma …

Attack all of the unread books on my shelves and Kindle (and by “attack,” I mean read) // Yup, I’ve got this under control too. Lately I’ve been plowing through my unread book stacks – thanks to Raquel’s #ClassicFilmReading challenge and a renewed interest in popular fiction. In the last two weeks alone, I’ve managed to read something like 5+ books and that’s practically unheard of for me (I’m a slow reader). Fingers crossed I can keep this momentum going and not suffer through the dreaded book slump!

Tell me, what’s on YOUR summer bucket list?

3 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List

  1. Unfortunately, here in New Zealand we’re hitting winter now. But my winter bucket list includes getting out and about for long walks regardless of the weather – (gotta stop those knees from seizing up!). Finally getting around to reading all the books I’ve stockpiled over summer and autumn (fall), for rainy day reading. Getting back to putting out regular blog posts – I am overdue for several posts as I write this. I also have to clear out my veggie garden ready for new plantings in the spring. And since we live on a major earthquake fault line – I need to update my emergency supplies.


  2. That’s a great list. I love Casa Loma. I plan to take a couple whole days just to read. Bliss!


    1. Taking days off during the year just to relax and spend time on your own is THE BEST. Those 5 days I have off in August are going to be amazing and NO ONE better bother me haha!


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