Amazon Spending Update: May 2019

Photo by Bryan Angelo on Unsplash

Whoopsie! Seems like this Amazon spending update is quite late. Sorry about that, folks, I forgot all about it. May was my birthday month and I went a little – no, a lot – hog wild on Amazon that month. BUT ONLY BECAUSE I RECEIVED AMAZON GIFT CARDS FROM MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

May = $522.27

But hang on, before you call me out on my excessive online spending – that total includes orders purchased using gift cards. So, if I subtract the value of the orders purchased using birthday gift cards, I’m left with $298.22 in actual cash spending. Still though, that’s practically three hundred dollars and, to me, that’s still too high considering I’m trying to curb my amazon spending this year.

I’ve taken a peek at my spending so far in June and it’s looking good. Fingers crossed this month will be a lot better in terms of restraint. I like to think of myself as a responsible, mature adult and I know my online spending is a major problem. It makes me look like I can’t control this particular aspect of my life and I hate the way that makes me feel. Boohoo first world problems, I know.


2 thoughts on “Amazon Spending Update: May 2019

  1. Amazon is tricky. It’s the free shipping that gets me. I needed a travel neck pillow, but wanted free shipping and sort of needed a new passport wallet and… well, you get the idea. Death by a thousand cuts.


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