3 Things On My Christmas Wish List

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I’m seriously slacking off this year. I’ve always made my parents and sister a Christmas Wish List every year since I was a child – not because I’ve always been greedy but because I thought it’d be easier for them to shop for me that way. Okay, but I was a little bit greedy too. Moving swiftly on! It’s now mid-November and I still haven’t even thought about what I want this year for Christmas (world peace, obviously, but that’s not something that can be purchased online).

Now that I’ve sat down and actually started to think about what to include on this year’s wish list, I’m stumped. I have no idea, really, because even though there are things I’d love to have, I don’t want to start cluttering up my home with stuff. I’m still very much a minimalist at heart and the last thing I want to do is undo all the decluttering and work I put into my home this past year.

Having said that, though, now that I think about it there are things I’d like to find stuffed inside my stocking this Christmas. These are things that are small and therefore take up very little room, but there are also a couple big ticket items that I’d love to have despite how much physical space they’re going to occupy if I’m lucky enough to get them.

Gift Cards (Amazon, iTunes, Chapters/Indigo, Walmart)

Gift cards are a no-brainer. I know some people don’t like giving or receiving them as gifts, but there’s no better present in my mind because it allows the user to indulge in items they want without having to spend their own hard earned cash. Last year, when I had just moved into my apartment, the Walmart gift cards I received from family and friends literally saved my life. I bought groceries with them, home accessories, tools, and bedding and linens with them. Basically anything I needed, I bought at Walmart using the gift cards I was given. They were a huge life-saver!

A record player + speaker

I’ve been searching for a decent, reasonably-priced record player since last year and I still haven’t found one I liked yet. The problem is is that I don’t have an unlimited budget, so it’s going to be hard finding a quality player that’ll last me years and that has great speakers. The ones I’ve seen online that are within my budget either have very poor ratings or they don’t have built-in speakers. Ugh! The search continues …

A Mickey Mouse Hoodie

In the same vein as the record player, I’ve been searching high and low for a Mickey Mouse hoodie for years and I’ve had absolutely no luck. The ones I’ve seen for sale at the Disney Store are lovely but they’re always so darn expensive! I mean, it’s a hoodie for crying out loud – something I’m probably gonna only wear ’round the house when I’m cleaning or when I’m feeling my worst (or when I’ve got my period). Call me a cheapskate, but I’m absolutely not spending $80 on a sweatshirt.

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

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1 thought on “3 Things On My Christmas Wish List

  1. Disney clothing is pretty expensive, isn’t it? And, what makes it worse, they often have such cute things. It’s so hard to say no! Grrr.

    This looks like a perfectly reasonable list, and I hope you see some of these items this year! 🙂


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