Weekend Recap: 10-11 Nov 2018

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Podcast Recording

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to record a podcast for The Movie Palace this weekend with Carl and my longtime friend Raquel. This was my second podcast recording and because it had to do with classic film books, I was so very excited to participate! Look for the episode to go live next month – it’s a good ‘un, I promise you.

Bohemian Rhapsody (Round #2)

I spent my Sunday afternoon sat in a darkened theatre (by myself), watching the utter masterpiece that is Bohemian Rhapsody for the second time. Last weekend, my Dad and I saw it together in IMAX, and because it had such a profound impact on me, I chose to go see it again this past weekend. If theatre tickets weren’t so damn expensive, I’d spend the rest of the movie’s run going to see it every single day. I love it that much and can’t wait for it to come out on 4K disc.

Christmas Shopping

I’m taking it slow this year in terms of Christmas shopping for my nearest and dearest. I can’t splurge on gifts anymore like I’ve done in previous years, so I’ve been careful about pacing myself. I’m starting to realize how difficult holiday shopping can be when you’re living on your own and are responsible for paying all of the bills yourself. When I lived with my parents, shopping was so easy. Now? It’ll literally become the death of me (not to mention the death of my bank balance).

Reading & Watching

This was the first week in a long time that I didn’t finish a book. Instead, I’m still desperately trying to finish the Rudolph Valentino bio I started reading a couple weeks ago. It’s very slow-going, my friends. I’ve got less than a hundred pages to go, so I’m hoping to finally see the back end of this book by mid-week. In terms of things I’ve been watching (besides Bohemian Rhapsody, that is): Mr. Robot Season 1, countless British comedies, and Ethan Hawke movies because I love that man with every fiber of my soul.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: 10-11 Nov 2018

  1. Speaking of Ethan Hawke, have you seen him in “Maudie”?


    1. Yes I have! I watched that movie earlier this year and loved it. The location was gorgeous, wasn’t it? Hawke played a very difficult man, but he did a fantastic job.


      1. Ethan Hawke was AMAZING in that film, as was Sally Hawkins. A masterclass on acting.


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