3 Reasons why I got rid of Netflix.

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

I used to watch a lot of TV when I was younger. I remember my parents having to forceably remove me from the living room couch when I was a preteen so that I’d get to bed on time (I had a strict bedtime of 9:00 PM in my youth. How quaint). Nowadays, I’m not entirely sure what’s happened, but I hardly watch any TV now. In fact, when either one of my parents has the TV on, I need to leave the room because I don’t like the noise. I’d rather have total silence so that I can focus on reading my book or tapping out another article or essay on my laptop.

Having said that, though, there was a time I had a Netflix subscription! I added my favourite British period dramas to my Watch List along with documentaries some of my coworkers had recommended to me, movies I had meant to watch for ages but never got ’round to, and shows that had been on my radar since they first premiered years ago.

Early last month, I read online that Netflix was going to raise its prices by $1 to $2 for existing and new subscribers. Uh, no. That’s when it finally hit me that I don’t actually need – or want – Netflix in my life. Here are 3 reasons why I finally decided to pull the plug on my Netflix subscription:

Subscription costs are rising

Duh! Like I mentioned, prices were set to increase and there was no way I could justify paying more per month for a service I didn’t really utilize completely from the start. I wasn’t watching nearly enough Netflix to warrant having to spend an extra dollar or two every month. The whole “Netflix and chill” thing was never something I understood or wanted to do in my spare time, so why drag out my subscription any longer?

I’d rather read a book

I’m a massive bookworm and I suppose reading, to me, is like “Netflix and chill” for somebody else. In my downtime, there’s nothing I’d rather do than curl up in a comfy chair and unwind with a good book. Reading is my oasis and I crave the hours in which I can just forget about everything else and fall into worlds of fantasy, mystery, and great storytelling. So, in the end, books won out over movies and tv shows.

Everything’s free at the library

And for the Netflix content I was gonna miss? I have my local library for that! Nearly all the British period dramas and films I had on my Watch List were already in my library’s catalogue. All I had to do was get up off my ass, go to the library, and borrow whatever DVDs and bluray discs I was eager to see. Again, the best part is that everything there is absolutely free!


Have your Netflix prices increased lately? Have you decided to cancel your subscription too? Leave me a comment down below and let me know! I’m genuinely curious to know what other people have done.


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  1. You’re so right about the library. If they don’t have the movie I’m looking for, they’ll ship it from another library – at no charge! (Can’t beat that.) Also, our library membership includes Hoopla, which allows us to stream 5 free movies per month.

    As for Netflix, we do have a subscription, and decided to keep it despite the price increase. We don’t have regular television/cable, so we stream everything. And, like you, we read A LOT.


    1. Veebs says:

      My library is the same! If it doesn’t have the item I’m looking for, the system allows me to request it from another branch/location. Greatest thing ever!! Hoopla sounds awesome! I don’t think we have anything like that in Canada (no surprise there haha!).


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